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An embroidery machine is designed to bring patterns to life on fabric, showcasing a variety of intricate stitches and captivating designs.


With a direct-to-film printer, unleash your creativity by printing designs on film and transferring them onto any desired surface, including fabric.

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If you are lacking a design or logo, reach out to us and our team of skilled designers will refine your logos or bring your dream design to reality!

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"It's been a unique journey"

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We're not here for a long time, we're here for a good time...

Blake and Nolan are two brothers from small-town, Illinois, who have big dreams but also a unique upbringing.

With Nolan being born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA), the doctors believed he wouldn't live past the age of 2. Blake & Nolans parents were advised to take Nolan home, love him, and let him go...

The fear was tremendous. Countless moments brought them to the brink of losing Nolan due to the muscular disease. Jason and Monica, the loving parents (as seen in the picture below), left no stone unturned in their efforts to find a solution and never stopped believing that there had to be an alternative way.

Through many prayers, they defied odds. Nolan surpassed his expected 2-year life span, but their journey was far from over. Numerous challenges still laid ahead...


fast forward to highschool

From a young age, the brothers forged an unbreakable bond, aware that the future was never guaranteed. Their shared understanding fueled them to overcome any odds thrown their way.

Driven by their limited time & ambitious dreams, the brothers realized that they needed financial resources to turn their aspirations into reality. This realization ignited passion for entrepreneurship within them.

During a Christian youth convention, the brothers were struck by an idea - to launch an ice cream truck and use the proceeds to support missionaries worldwide! In 2016, they turned this idea into a reality and the business took off, inspiring people from all corners of the globe to contribute to missions as well.

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Time for college

As Nolan had two years left of high school, it was time for Blake to explore his options for college.

Facing numerous sports injuries and a lack of enthusiasm for academics, Blake struggled through high school. Despite his dismal grades, Blake attended college in Missouri and pursues a degree in business management and became a cheerleading captain! Nolan still makes fun of Blake for this...

As the distance between them made it challenging to manage the ice cream truck business, the brothers made the decision to sell it.

Coincidentally, this was also the time when mullets started to regain popularity. Inspired by this trend, Blake and Nolan had another idea spark: "Let's become the go-to apparel shop for mullets!"

The origin story of Mullet Bros Printing

Without wasting any time, the young entrepreneurs immediately jumped back into action. Blake and Nolan decided to rock mullets, taking their commitment to the brand to a whole new level. They began creating engaging content across social media platforms and even started selling awesome mullet merchandise through a third-party printing company.

Social media liked their humor & eye-catching appearance, attracting a wide audience. In fact, they were even surprised to receive orders from Australians who were enticed by their Instagram ads promoting a mullet contest!

As they encountered people proudly wearing their merchandise in public, Blake and Nolan couldn't help but notice that the third-party fulfilled products appeared faded and cracked. This realization left them feeling defeated, realizing that they had unintentionally sold their loyal supporters items of poor quality.

Soon after that incident, they invested in cutting-edge printing technology, enabling them to personally produce and deliver their own top-notch merchandise!

The success was so remarkable that the brothers were compelled to expand their services and offer merchandise for other businesses as well!